Urban Climb Takes Recreation to New Heights at Albion Exchange

Albion will be home to an Australian-first indoor sport climbing facility catering for everyone from the age of 3 to 70+, from beginners to elite athletes, when Urban Climb opens its flagship centre at Geon Property’s $750m four-hectare Albion Exchange development.

Australia’s leading indoor climbing operator, Urban Climb, has put its hand up to be the first major tenant in the $750m Albion Exchange project which is planned to start construction in early 2020, subject to development approval.

Urban Climb will set the pace for fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle operators coming to Albion Exchange with a state-of-the-art, 15-metre-high indoor climbing wall plus space for climbing and fitness classes, training and co-working spaces.

With sight lines to the climbing walls from Lutwyche Road, Urban Climb will be a new landmark for Albion, particularly when lit at night.

It’s all part of stage one of Albion Exchange which will include residential apartments, retail space, more than 4900 sqm of new green space which will be open 24 hours a day for public use, and integration with the future North Brisbane Bikeway.

Geon Property senior development manager Tim Rossberg said, “Geon and Urban Climb have a great working relationship and they were very quick to stake their claim to be part of Albion Exchange.

“Apart from the terrific location opportunity, Urban Climb recognised that at Albion Exchange we are working to provide facilities which help to build community and they are likeminded in their approach.

“During the design process, Urban Climb worked closely with Geon Property to shape a custom-built tenancy within the elevation of our western edge.

“It was comforting to have a tenant so passionate about their business and be so invested in the design-making process.”

Urban Climb CEO Alex Cox Taylor said, “In Albion Exchange we saw a great opportunity to create a climbing facility which is situated within a transport-oriented development, so people can climb before work, after work or as they pass through Albion on their way to or from work.

“We like to integrate climbing into people’s lives as a daily health and fitness activity. It’s certainly not something that you have to travel miles for once every few months.

“For us, climbing isn’t competitive. It’s not me versus you. It’s us versus the wall and that approach builds community.

“People come to Urban Climb for the social network and the community, as well as the skills and fitness which climbing develops.”

Mr Cox Taylor said facilities like Urban Climb at Albion Exchange would become increasingly important as people’s lives got more and more busy.

“A facility like this allows people to embed climbing into their daily routine. They’ll either walk from their home before or after work, or they’ll hop off the train to climb before continuing their journey.

“At Albion Exchange, they’ll also be able to integrate their exercise with other aspects of their social life with all of the food and beverage offerings in the plaza area.

“What we liked about Geon Property is that they are forward thinking and also really committed to creating community at Albion Exchange. That’s important to us.

“Albion Exchange will be the very first in Australia to have a rope climbing venue like this truly embedded into the project.

“It’s great for climbers but it’s also a great aesthetic for the neighbourhood,” he said.

Geon Property has been shaping the vision for the Albion Exchange precinct for two years, working in collaboration with Queensland Rail and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Albion Exchange will establish a new and vibrant heart for the Albion community, with multiple new public spaces, high-quality public transport and convenient retailing.

Mr Rossberg said, “Albion Exchange will change the face of Albion for the better. It will bring new life to land which is currently underutilised and essentially blocking off vital east-west connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

“Albion is a suburb on the rise. It’s one of the fastest growing areas in Brisbane and by 2036 the suburb’s population is estimated to grow by more than 3,857 residents.

“Having Urban Climb as a central part of our lifestyle and fitness offer will bring a whole new dimension to the project.”


Urban Climb Albion facts:

  • Numerous climbing walls up to 15 metres wrapping the perimeter of the space
  • Varying degrees of difficulty, catering for beginners through to elite climbers. Top rope, bouldering and lead climbing.
  • Difficulty is achieved by varying the angle of the wall (overhanging, vertical, slab) and the positioning of climbing holds reflecting yellow (beginner) through to blue, purple, green, red and black (elite).

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